Sailing Laser Radial Sydney Bridge Evie Saunders JonWest.Photography
LOOK - Professional Photos of me on my boat* doing what I love doing! Great Birthday or Christmas present. 
Samples below...
We come out on the water with you, on our own 90hp RIB, and take professional photos of you doing what you do best: Sailing, Fishing, Paddling, Surfing, Flying, Ruling, Racing, Entertaining, Sunbathing, Cruising...
The focus is on you and you get all the original photo files to do with as you please. 
Contact us now and let's have a chat. See you on the water soon.
*boat - if it floats and you can get on it and have fun, then it's a boat in our view!​​​​​​​
Sailing Laser Radial Mara Stransky JonWest.Photography


Surfer Surfing Wave JonWest.Photography

Wave Surfing

Surfer Surfing Wave JonWest.Photography

Wave Winning!

Sailing coach photo JonWest.Photography


Moth photo JonWest.Photography


Wildlife Seal photo JonWest.Photography


Seal wildlife photo JonWest.Photography

...and my buoy bathing

Committee Boat Photo JonWest.Photography

Bossing ;-)

Canoe photo JonWest.Photography

I can, canoe?

Sponsorship JonWest.Photography


Sponsorship JonWest.Photography


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